Welcome to the HRIC Network
(Human Resources Independent Consultants Network)

HRIC Network is a spinoff of the former Human Resources Independent Consultants (HRIC) organization, which was established in the early 1990’s to serve the human resources independent consultants of that time, who were primarily recruiters. That organization was dissolved in December of 2012.

The HRIC Network, established in January of 2013, is now comprised of human resources independent consultants from various specialties within that group, such as recruiters, generalists, attorneys, safety and health specialists, talent management, benefits specialists, loss prevention, HR technology, training, etc.

Both organizations share the same code of ethics which was adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, integrity and professional standards among its members.

The basic format of the HRIC Network is an informal one, held in a social setting, facilitating communication between members through networking and discussion of common issues.

The HRIC Network is guided by a small group called HRIC Network Advisors.