About HRIC Network

The HRIC Network was established as a simpler, more informal version of the former HRIC organization. This new organization was tailored to better meet the needs of its members in various ways – no dues, less time commitment, effective networking, collaborating with other members at meetings instead of hosting guest speakers, etc.

The HRIC Network group is also now comprised of HR professionals who better represent the needs of the 21st Century, placing greater emphasis on talent acquisition and management vs. recruiting, new Technology and HRIS, coaching and leading management development, safety and environmental concerns, health and wellness, computer-assisted training and HR orientations, organizational development, etc.

Human Resources Independent Consultants (HRIC)

The original organization was established in the early 1990’s as a networking organization for independent Human Resources consultants and was dissolved in December of 2012.

Our membership grew to include both consultants and permanent full-time employees making the transition to the world of HR consulting. HRIC served both groups providing the following benefits:

  • Providing a forum to share job leads, information, resumes and other HR and business related information.
  • Providing an opportunity to brainstorm about unique approaches to HR projects.
  • Providing members with educational information and resources related to HR topics at meetings and through our website.